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Stat & More,
Your best decision-making ally!

Statistical advice and analysis, automation, artificial intelligence, dashboards to optimize your return on investment on all your data management issues.

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About Us

We're Creative

We design customized analytical processes to specifically meet your needs.

We're Professional

We work on the data in a methodical way to give you their intrinsic informational values.

We're Genius

We automate our processes to focus on analysis and support you in your decision-making.

We’re a Statistical Consultancy Company.

Stat & More provides statistical advice and analysis throughout a study, experimental or observational data: design of analyses, data collection and data processing, advanced data analysis, writing and presentation of the study report.

Statistical Consultancy and Analysis

Analyze data to help solve real-world issues in any field: engineering, industry, science, business…

Data Processing

Collect, Clean, Weight, Summarize and Process collected data into tables books and reports.

Data Coaching

Create Data-Driven and Decision Making behaviour in your company for a Competitive Advantage.


Reports and dashboards creation directly usable by your teams or production of tools developped in VB, R, Pyhton, SQL, Talend…

Great Projects & Incredible Insights

Stat & More creates long-term relations with their customers, based on trust, transparency
and the requirement of permanent quality for the benefits of your projects

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Our Services

Statistical advice

Listening your marketing and commercial objectives, from your data set, sometimes enriched by external data bases, Stat & More develops custom-made analytical processes in partnership with your teams. The main ambition of these processes is to answer your business’s goals.

Data Processing

Stat & More processes your data bases whatever their format. We handle your data bases after having cleaned, reformated them and possibly after a weighting computation step. Stat & More processes flat data bases or data bases with levels structure like sequential monadique test…


From multiple sources, heterogeneous and not structured data (survey data, production data bases, financial or trade data bases…) Stat & More creates operational and usable reports and dashboards by your teams. We stick to your specifications using your IT environement as far as we can.

Data Coaching

Stat & More helps their customers take ownership of their data, learn from it to improve, communicate effectively and reach their goals. We can implement a decision-making project from data collection to data visualization.


Stat & More offers custom-made training courses in your offices. The courses offered are specific to your needs. These training sessions include statistics applied to marketing, data collection or dashboards creation.

Our Skills

We’ve skilled in wide range of statistical or artificial intelligence tools and strong expertise in analysis.

Our know-how, our experience in data processing, our ability to innovate and find solutions to your business’ problems are the guarantors of your project success!

  • 01- Statistical consultancy & analysis

  • 02- Automation

  • 03- Data processing

  • 04- Reporting

  • 05- Artificial Intelligence




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Our Team

Benoit Riou

Benoit Riou

CEO / Founder

ONIRIS engineer, specialized in Sciences and Method for Decision, Benoit build expertise in external preference mapping and typology. In 2013, Benoit created Stat & More, a company specialized in statistical consultancy, automation, artificial intelligence & data processing.

Cynthia Djégbé

Cynthia Djégbé

Statistical Project Manager

Cynthia manages research projects from questionnaire design to report, including online data collection, data processing, data analysis and charting. Cynthia reinforces advanced statistical services and capabilities in typology, modeling and other multivariate analysis.

Florian Boulay

Florian Boulay

Statistical Project Manager

Florian manages research projects from questionnaire design to report, including online data collection, data processing, data analysis and charting. Florian extends services in geographic information system (GIS) allowing Stat & More to deliver mapping on demands.

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A typology is a methodical approach, consisting of characterizing a subset of homogeneous statistical individuals from a population or sample of data, in order to facilitate the analysis and study of complex realities.

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In statistics, outliers are values that are significantly different from other values in a sample or population databases, and are data that should be considered very carefully before initiating any marketing or modeling analysis.

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