TETRACLASSE model* or Llosa's matrix allows us to prioritize the attributes impacting the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of a population towards a service/product or a brand according to two main criteria:

The absolute level of performance of the factors,

Their influence on the overall satisfaction.

This analysis uses the overall satisfaction of respondents to a satisfaction survey, as well as the evaluation of the performance of the various factors that make up overall satisfaction.

* Llosa, Sylvie. "L'analyse de la contribution des éléments du service de satisfaction : un modèle Tetraclasse."
Décision marketing n°10, 01, 1997.

Contribution of attributes to satisfaction
when positively perceived
Contribution of attributes to satisfaction
when negatively perceived

This analysis allows the construction of a map composed of four quadrants:

The elements Plus : set of criteria that contribute strongly to satisfaction when they are perceived positively, or have a weak impact on dissatisfaction when they are perceived negatively.

The elements Keys : set of criteria that have a strong influence on satisfaction when perceived positively and on dissatisfaction when perceived negatively.

The elements Basics : set of criteria that strongly contribute to dissatisfaction when perceived negatively and weakly impact satisfaction when perceived positively.

The elements Secondaries : set of criteria that have a low influence on satisfaction, regardless of how it is perceived.

This type of analysis is generally very operational.

It is easy, thanks to the classification obtained, to identify the criteria to be improved in priority :

When the level of services rendered by the company is high, it is the elements Keys and Plus that needs to be improved.

When the level of services rendered by the company is average, it is the elements Basics and Keys that have priority.

Example : Performance of public service

TetraClasse UK

This mapping combines the Llosa matrix with the weight of the same items calculated in the Attributable Effect (cf. SaM-Outils-201808). Llosa's matrix allows us to position the items in the 4 areas of Key, Plus, Basic and Secondary elements... Attributable Effect allows us to weight the impact of the item in each quadrant (size of the points). The larger the dot, the more weight the item has in its category. The size of the points can be customized to take into account a 3rd dimension specific to your decision criteria such as the impact of the item on the margin for example.

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