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Benoit Riou

ONIRIS engineer, specialized in Sciences and Method for Decision, Benoit builds expertise in external preference mapping and typology. In 2013, Benoit created Stat & More, a company specialized in statistical consultancy, automation, artificial intelligence & data processing.

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About the contractors and Data !

The balance between “Know-Being” and “Know-How” : keys to motivation and entrepreneurial posture through an original data analysis on the dynamics of entrepreneurship and the impacts on the structures accompanying these entrepreneurs.

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A typology is a methodical approach, consisting of characterizing a subset of homogeneous statistical individuals from a population or sample of data, in order to facilitate the analysis and study of complex realities.

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In statistics, outliers are values that are significantly different from other values in a sample or population databases, and are data that should be considered very carefully before initiating any marketing or modeling analysis.

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Correlation and Discussion

Correlation is a statistical indicator widely used in data analysis, particularly in marketing sciences for satisfaction surveys for example, in tracking context or not, for product or service's innovation, brand images etc.

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When the purpose of a study is to evaluate the performance of a group of stimuli (concepts, products, or services) and each of the stimuli are rated by respondents, at the time of analysis, we should question the level of performance

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Stat & More… Is your partner in statistical consulting and data processing, at the service of research companies, consultants, advertisers and all industrial or service companies who have to process and enhance their data.

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TETRACLASSE model* or Llosa's matrix allows us to prioritize the attributes impacting the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of a population towards a service/product or a brand according to two main criteria:

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